Supporting Independent Financial Advisors Nationwide

JFC Financial Services began in 1992 as a small financial services firm. Today, JFC supports around 180 independent financial professionals. JFC Financial Services advisors hit the target twice when they affiliate with our Large Enterprise; they benefit from experienced support and a culture of independence!

JFC-affiliated advisors are located coast-to-coast and operate their businesses in a variety of settings.

  • Home-based offices
  • Traditional office environments
  • Within banks and credit unions

JFC-affiliated advisors operate their practices in many ways.

  • As solo practitioners
  • In partnerships
  • In branch offices with multiple advisors and staff

Our ability to provide service and support is not restricted by an advisor's geographical or office location, or by the size of his or her practice.

If you are an experienced financial advisor looking for the support you need to grow your practice and the independence to run your business your way, then call Jack Connealy at (402) 483-2555 today and reap the reward.

You don't want to miss this unique opportunity!